G713 Environmentally friendly oil stone penetration king

Performance uses:This product is a silicone polymer made from imported raw materials。3Dry hourly, can seep into the stone5-10mmFormation of a strong mesh water-blocking protective layer。With waterproo


Performance uses

This product is a silicone polymer made from imported raw materials3Dry hourly, can seep into the stone5-10mmFormation of a strong mesh water-blocking protective layerWith waterproof, anti-fouling, acid and alkali resistance, anti-freezing, anti-aging, anti-mildew and other functions, and maintain the permeability of stone. This product is transparent and colorless, no strong smell, low toxicity, environmental protection, not easy to burn, with the characteristics of fast dry, strong penetration. Tested by the state authority to meet the national standardExcellentetc. product standard. Recommended for granite, artificial stone, ceramics, brick, plaster, cement products and clay, paper, woodmaterial and other pore materials for protection treatment.



1.Please keep the stone surface clean before use.Try toIn stoneDryingIn the case of painting.If painted on a wet panel, it will not affect the waterproof effect, but will affect the penetration depth.

2.During the construction, it is best to lay the floor flat, which is conducive to penetration. Application tools can be used with a brush, sponge, roller or sprayer, etc.

3.Adjust the dosage according to the water absorption rate of the plate during construction. When coating to plate surface saturation, if necessary can be repeated coating.

4.It is suggested to disperse the drop point first, apply the coating in sections, then use the cross method to sweep evenly. Try to avoid the phenomenon of leakage brush and uneven coating.

5.Depending on the temperature, the normal drying time is1-4hLeft and right

6.Per litreRecommended coatingArea: Smooth15M2left and right10M2Left and right.


Specification packaging

4L*5/Boxes   20L/Barrel   25L/Barrel



1.Products should be placed in a cool, dry and inaccessible place for children.

2.Before use, it is suggested to do small sample experiment first, confirm the effect before large area construction.

3.Please wear protective equipment and work in a well-ventilated environment. If you drink by mistake or have a contact allergy, please send it to hospital immediately for treatment.

4.For black stone, pay special attention to uniform coating, to avoid because of uneven coating caused by the color depth difference.

5.Because the protective performance is targeted in the design, it is recommended to consult our company's technical staff before buying and using.