G633A Waterborne Stone bottom Protection Agent

Product Overview:HB-G633A It's aWater milktypeEpoxyAggregateThings,Mainly used for all kinds of building stone materials to prevent the bottom.AlkaliProcessing。 Adhesion and sealing propertiesExtr


Product Overview:

HB-G633A It's aWater milktypeEpoxyAggregateThingsMainly used for all kinds of building stone materials to prevent the bottom.AlkaliProcessing。 Adhesion and sealing propertiesExtremelyGood,No failure under strong alkaliandLong term。This productEnvironmental protection is non-toxic, non-combustible, non-flammable, harmless to the human body and the environment.The bonding fastness of stone to cement can be increased after use (562%).No interface on the surface,CanEffectively prevent cement and stone bottom from producing empty drum。 IfStone frontCooperatingFinish typeUse of stone protectors to achieveMostOKFull rangeProtective effect, availablePrevention of water spots, pan-alkali and other diseases。

This productThe inspection by the state authority fully meets the standard requirements of JC/T973-2005 Natural Stone Protective Agent for Architectural Decoration.

Scope of application:

Main fitFor all kinds of marble and graniteStonelimeStonesandStonePlate stone, artificial stoneetcDecorative plates in wet pasting and groutingPre-constructionBottomAnti-alkali andSealing treatment.


1.Clean the stone surface, thoroughly remove the stain on the stone surface, and let the stone completely dry through.

2.Directly brush this producton the bottom and four sides of the stone. To beWhen the watch is dry,YesBrush it again,The effect will be better

3.And thenLeave to dry.48Achieve the best results after hours.


Per litreRecommendationapplication area10M2Left and right,It is recommended to try it out in a small area to determine the exact amount


5L*4/Boxes   18Kg/Barrel

Storage time

UnopenedThe original packing is valid for 12 months from the date of production.Suitable temperature135℃。


1.Please place where the child cannot reach. Wear protective gear during construction,Drink by mistakeOr contact allergiesPlease send it to the hospital immediately.Treatment

2.Before use, it is suggested to do the small sample experiment first, determine then large area construction.

3.This productIt is not suitable for use on the decorative surface of stone.