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G713 oil permeability king has passed the national reverse osmosis inspection

2006-06-20 09:15:37 zhuhongben

Warmly celebrate that "green angel" oil permeability Wang has fully passed the reverse osmosis test of JC / t973-2005 national standard for building natural stone protective agent.

Reverse osmosis inspection is a special inspection for the protection of the bottom surface. Generally, reverse osmosis test is carried out after the bottom and side of the stone are prepared with the protective agent of the bottom surface, to check whether the protective agent can block the corrosion of the cement, and the bonding fastness of the protective agent to the stone and the cement shall not be less than 95% of the original. We have reliable information. At present, no product has passed this test.

The stone samples we used in this test are Fujian G603, Shandong Baima granite and Saana beige marble. The difference is that hb-g713 oil permeability king has changed the traditional practice, only making the surface and side, and the bottom without treatment, which can ensure that there will be no water spots and alkali phenomenon under the condition of wet cement paste. This only do surface and side instead of six side treatment is rare in China, and can formally pass the national standard test only "green angel" oil penetration king!!!

The appearance of hb-g713 oil permeability King breaks the traditional thinking of stone protection and establishes a new protection concept, which is an important milestone in the development of stone protection field in China.

But this is just the beginning... ...